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Tasc Performance: Bamboo Activewear

By Bamboo Grove on June 29, 2018

falseTasc Performance: Bamboo Activewear

As the nation continues to focus on making Americans healthier through exercise, the activewear market has continued to grow along with the times. Activewear is form fitting clothing that is meant to be tight to provide compression as well as avoid looseness that might affect your workout. Most active wear is made from polyester, or spandex. However, there’s a father and son team in New Orleans that is hoping that their unique take on activewear, will gain them a leg up in the exercise market.

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Architecture Students Create Suspended Bamboo Pavilion

By Bamboo Grove on May 16, 2018

falseArchitecture Students Create Suspended Bamboo Pavilion

Architecture students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts are putting bamboo to a new and interesting use. As part of a summer design build studio course, they constructed a pavillion solely out of bamboo. The structure was hand built by the students themselves. The bamboo pavilion is a way to cast shade and play with outdoor designs. The relatively thin bamboo poles, when layered together form an effective way to cast shade. The material is as sturdy, as it is lightweight. Meaning that the construction itself was not as labor intensive as the process of using traditional wood. The texture of bamboo also gives the pavilion a unique look that most can’t compare with aesthetically.

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Strength From Beauty

Few plants offer the strength and beauty that bamboo does. It is truly a plant of emmaculate design.

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We are dedicated to the promotion and use of bamboo throughout the world. Bamboo is a plant that offers limitless potential for the future. It offers us strength, sustainability, versatility, and a green alternative.

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