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General Uses For Bamboo

Bamboo has been used for eons for many applications, from a food source to a building material. But with the age of modern materials, many people don’t understand the scope of uses for bamboo. The shoots can be picked early for eating, and the wood of older canes can be treated and used as anything from decoration to instruments. Thankfully, many manufacturers have seen all the products that can be made from this highly renewable resource and have begun to utilize bamboo in some fascinating ways.


From picture frames to room dividing screens, bamboo can make some elegant and exotic decorations for the home. Depending on the manufacturer, bamboo decorations can be the rough finish of natural bamboo that reminds people of tropical getaways, or the sleek, lacquered finish that creates a modern elegance that many people remember. Bamboo can also be colored so that it can fit into any décor.

Building materials

More and more furniture, flooring, and even homes are being built with bamboo. Whether people like the look of the bamboo, or the way it holds up, it is becoming a more popular building material that many people are recognizing. The smooth floors hold up well in kitchens and other rooms, and the furniture, bound attractively with rattan or leather, gives any room a modern look.

Fabrics and clothing

A fabulous trend right now is bamboo fibers being used in fabrics and clothing. Bedding made of bamboo fibers is as soft as or softer than most cotton beddings, and drapes with the look of silk without the expense. It is becoming a mainstream trend to have bamboo fabric products or clothing, populating many major chain retail stores.


Cooking with bamboo is nothing new in Asian culture. Bamboo shoots are a common food in that part of the world, and have also migrated into cooking utensils. Bamboo cutting boards are notoriously good for not dulling blades on knives as quickly, while bamboo utensils like wooden spoons are excellent for not scratching the bottoms of expensive non-stick cookware.


Bamboo started out as a natural plant in most places, but has become a large part of agriculture. From being the main crop of a farm to be harvested for other uses, or as the channel linings for irrigation systems, bamboo fits naturally into agriculture. Of course, bamboo is also grown as a food source, and as a garden plant as well, the woody grass being an excellent addition to any garden.


While this is rarely seen any more, bamboo was once used to make many different types of weapons. From blow guns to archery bows and arrows, bamboo made light but strong weapons for many centuries. Though they aren’t used as frequently any more, even gunpowder guns have been made with the hollow tubes.


Hollow tubes make excellent instruments, whether it is a flute or a drum, and bamboo is one of the best bases for instruments. The light, durable quality of the bamboo is coupled with its musical potential, and creates some of the most beautiful sounds that music has ever heard.

Of course, these aren’t all the uses for bamboo. There are many other types of products that can be made of bamboo, and all are coming back into their own as bamboo continues to grow more popular in the main stream economy.

General Uses

Strength From Beauty

Few plants offer the strength and beauty that bamboo does. It is truly a plant of emmaculate design.

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