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Tradition of Hong Kong’s Bamboo Theaters

By Bamboo Grove on June 28, 2018

For a few weeks out of every year, the residents of Ap Lei Chau build a towering bamboo theater. Ap Lei Chau is part of Hong Kong, and is one of the world’s most crowded islands. A thousand people can cram into this gigantic bamboo theater built in southern Hong Kong. The reason for the theater being built every year? It’s to perform Chinese opera, specifically an opera meant to celebrate the birthday of Hung Shing. Hung Shing is the god of the Southern sea and he is still revered in this once great fishing isle.

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Is Bamboo the Next Great Source of Biofuel?

By Bamboo Grove on June 28, 2018

Indian oil companies are looking for biofuels to mix in with their oil. In this case, they’re looking for non-molasses sources of biofuel. This is where our favorite tropical grassy plant can help out. Indian companies are looking to bamboo for the next great source of biofuel.

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Bamtech: the Bamboo Home & Construction App

By Bamboo Grove on May 22, 2018

It seems like everything has an app these days. Certainly with the internet, it has never been easier to find out information on bamboo. Just go open your Wikipedia app and you’ll find that out firsthand. Would you like to use all of your bamboo knowledge to build something? Well look no further than the Bamtech App. The app was developed by the South Asia Bamboo Foundation, and launched on February 22, 2018. “The app explains all aspects of bamboo, right from cutting down to treatment, joinery and finishing,” said Salam Kamesh, the founder and executive of the foundation.

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Architecture Students Create Suspended Bamboo Pavilion

By Bamboo Grove on May 16, 2018

Architecture students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts are putting bamboo to a new and interesting use. As part of a summer design build studio course, they constructed a pavillion solely out of bamboo. The structure was hand built by the students themselves. The bamboo pavilion is a way to cast shade and play with outdoor designs. The relatively thin bamboo poles, when layered together form an effective way to cast shade. The material is as sturdy, as it is lightweight. Meaning that the construction itself was not as labor intensive as the process of using traditional wood. The texture of bamboo also gives the pavilion a unique look that most can’t compare with aesthetically.

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Bamboo Sports Hall

By Bamboo Grove on May 11, 2018

Bamboo’s use as a construction material continues to grow each year. The tropical grass is a highly versatile plant that has been used as a building material is Asia for years. A growing number of modern designers and architects are seeing the huge potential in bamboo. Most of the really impressive large scale projects can be found in the Asian Tropics. One of the newest examples of bamboo construction is from the handiwork of Chiangmai Life Architects. They used the sustainable and affordable material to make a sports hall located in the mountains of Thailand.

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Bamboo Soundproofing to Reduce Traffic Noise

By Bamboo Grove on April 26, 2018

Traffic is an integral part of American life. Often times we are most concerned about it when we are running late and it’s not moving. Or we worry about the emissions we’re putting in the air. An often overlooked byproduct of traffic and large roadways is noise pollution.

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Bamboo Cell Tower

By Bamboo Grove on April 26, 2018

Bamboo has been gaining traction in the field of construction for several years. Whether it’s as a way to reinforce heavy equipment used in construction. Whether it is the resource that is used in the construction itself, bamboo may just be leading the way in a green future of construction. The problem has always been, especially in the west, of adapting the technology vs the established methods. So it’s often the case that other countries are the early adopters and the U.S is the one to follow.

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Bamboo May be a Solution for Haiti’s Soil Erosion Problems

By Bamboo Grove on November 28, 2008

The poorest nation in the Western hemisphere and one that seems permanently mired in poverty, despair, and having to deal with one catastrophe after another, Haiti is a country whose many woes could be addressed with an ancient plant: Bamboo. Haiti has always been plagued by its location directly in the paths of one tropical storm after another but, regrettably, most of its problems are self-made. Overpopulation, corruption, political instability, environmental degradation, deforestation and subsequent soil erosion, are all among a litany of woes which have caused other nations to provide year after year of financial assistance to no avail.

In Haiti, even a modest rainstorm can trigger huge rock and mudslides which barrel down the steep mountain slopes and bury entire villages because there are few trees left to hold the soil in place. Once heavily forested with millions of trees gracing its mountains, experts from the United Nations estimate that only 1.5 percent of Haiti’s once lush forests remain. Most of Haiti’s trees are not cut down for cropland but for charcoal to fuel cooking fires. And after years of ignoring the problems only to see them worsen, Haiti’s political leaders have a new sense of urgency about addressing the problem. Mud and rockslides from tropical storms last August and September buried two of Haiti’s larger towns, Cabaret and Gonaïves killing hundreds and turning tens of thousands into refugees.

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