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The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

By Bamboo Grove on February 28, 2021

According to an eye-opening and shocking statistical report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, the United States “leads the world in toilet paper consumption, with the average American going through 28 pounds of it per year…translating to 141 rolls per person.” Additionally, a majority of the materials in a typical roll of toilet paper are not fully biodegradable or eco-friendly like its bamboo and recyclable counterparts, thus continuing the constant strain on our global environment.

As one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, bamboo has skyrocketed to success in the recent years, partially due to the fact that it can grow up to two inches per hour and doesn’t require any agricultural chemicals like herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides to thrive like other cash crops. This provides the general marketplace with a seemingly endless supply of bamboo for the manufacturing and production of versatile bamboo goods and materials.

Another contributing factor to the success of bamboo is the positive impact it has on our agriculture and environment. Deforestation and pollution are two of the largest concerns for scientists and climatologists, with many of them expressing legitimate fears for the future of our planet if something doesn’t radically change in the way we use and abuse the world’s resources. By making the switch to a sustainable option such as bamboo, consumers can make a conscious effort to do the right thing and play their part in the fight against global warming.

The diversity and durability of bamboo allows this material to be crafted into a wide variety of public consumer products, including fabrics for clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils, toothbrushes, and even musical instruments. It has also been utilized by interior decorators and landscapers for decades as a way to bring a calming and inviting emotion to their designs and layouts.

When the coronavirus pandemic crept into our lives last March and created the nationwide shortage of toilet paper, many consumers were desperately searching and scouring the internet for a solution, which for a lot of people, was bamboo toilet paper. It’s our hope here at Bamboo Grove that our environmentally-friendly eco-shoppers will keep up the good work and continue the “trend” until it becomes our new normal.


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