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Bamboo Curtains are Stylish and Functional

By Bamboo Grove on June 29, 2018

Curtains are an essential for a house. Not only can they be stylish and decorative, they also serve a very important function. That function is to keep sunlight out of your house. Obviously there’s a benefit in keeping unwanted light out of your house. Did you ever consider that curtains also help to keep heat out of your house? In case you didn’t, the answer is yes. Especially during the harsh summer months, some good curtains could help you keep cool and maybe let you turn off the ac. Most Americans think of curtains as a fabric thing. They’re meant to be lush, and colorful. However, bamboo curtains have been used for centuries and can give your house a unique look, while protecting you from the heat. This is especially important in regions that have extremely high temperatures during the summer months. The best thing, is that these curtains can be made to fit any window.

The process of making bamboo curtains is a tricky procedure that demands a keen eye for detail. You start with a long, thin bamboo strip with threads attached. These strips hang from a horizontal pole. The maker then loops the thread around the pole to hold the strips tight to each other. Threads are then connected to stones for grip. Well maintained bamboo curtains can last for several years. Often, artisans that have made bamboo curtains have been practitioners for several years. In countries like India, there are entire generations of families that have done nothing but craft curtains.

The craft of making bamboo curtains is, for the most part, an old tradition that is done by hand. While this might hurt it’s mass appeal and ability to be mass produced, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in these ancient curtains. They can offer your home a distinct look from those houses that buy curtains at big box stores.

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