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Bamboo Sports Hall

By Bamboo Grove on May 11, 2018

Bamboo’s use as a construction material continues to grow each year. The tropical grass is a highly versatile plant that has been used as a building material is Asia for years. A growing number of modern designers and architects are seeing the huge potential in bamboo. Most of the really impressive large scale projects can be found in the Asian Tropics. One of the newest examples of bamboo construction is from the handiwork of Chiangmai Life Architects. They used the sustainable and affordable material to make a sports hall located in the mountains of Thailand.

Bamboo has several benefits in the field of architecture. It’s got a higher tensile strength than steel. Is resistant to earthquakes and winds due to its flexible nature as a grass. It grows at a rate of return far higher than wood, and it can be harvested without killing the plant. Chiangmai Life Architects are aware of all of these benefits, and they have been putting them to good use in the city of Chiang Mai. They’ve used bamboo to build villas, offices, homes and schools throughout the area. Their newest project is a 300 capacity sports and assembly hall for the Panyaden International School. The sports hall integrated well with their other bamboo buildings as well as the natural landscape surrounding the school.

The design of the hall was inspired by the locust flower. The aim of the building is to counteract the natural hot and wet climate at the school with the natural ventilation that bamboo offers. The architecture team says that utilizing bamboo in the halls construction has reduced the carbon footprint of the facility by nearly 90%. The space is large enough to accommodate full-sized basketball, volleyball, and badminton games. It incorporates 3 smaller courts for volleyball and badminton practice. There is a built in stage that can be automatically lifted for assemblies and balconies along the court for spectators to watch from. Overall, this is a very beautiful and eco-friendly project that is looking to pay off for many school years and seasons to come.

Strength From Beauty

Few plants offer the strength and beauty that bamboo does. It is truly a plant of emmaculate design.

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