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The Sustainable Transportation Solution: London’s Bamboo Bike’s

By Bamboo Grove on May 24, 2018

falseThe Sustainable Transportation Solution: London’s Bamboo Bike’s

There’s a raging debate about what to do about traffic, pollution, and all the other problems that come with modern transport. For many, the bicycle seems to be the obvious solution to the problem. Bikes pollute less than cars. They’re far more affordable than your average car and we’re not even talk about gas prices. However, modern bicycle materials aren’t very sustainable. They don’t allow for the smallest carbon footprint possible. The reason is that carbon fiber, while lightweight and strong, is very hard to recycle. It can’t be melted down and returned to its original form like aluminum or steel.

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Bamboo Sports Hall

By Bamboo Grove on May 11, 2018

falseBamboo Sports Hall

Bamboo’s use as a construction material continues to grow each year. The tropical grass is a highly versatile plant that has been used as a building material is Asia for years. A growing number of modern designers and architects are seeing the huge potential in bamboo. Most of the really impressive large scale projects can be found in the Asian Tropics. One of the newest examples of bamboo construction is from the handiwork of Chiangmai Life Architects. They used the sustainable and affordable material to make a sports hall located in the mountains of Thailand.

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Bamboo Train

By Bamboo Grove on April 27, 2018

falseBamboo Train

In Battambang, Cambodia, tourists and locals alike are being taken in and taken on a ride by a one of a kind train system. The “Bamboo Train” as it’s called quietly rumbles through the countryside. The “train” is a wooden platform rigged to a small engine. The flat trolleys, lined with bamboo, is a testament to the creativity of Cambodia’s people.

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“Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” Initiative

By Bamboo Grove on April 27, 2018

false“Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” Initiative

John Hardy is crazy about bamboo. They’re so invested in the tropical grass, that it planted its one-millionth bamboo seedling in Bali, the country that the company was established back in 1975. John Hardy makes artisanal jewelry that is purchased around the globe. They have several offerings for both men and women. Women might enjoy a simple pair of earrings to an elaborate bamboo necklace. Men can get rings or a pair of cufflinks for a night out on the town.

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Bamboo Solves The Straw Problem

By Bamboo Grove on April 26, 2018

falseBamboo Solves The Straw Problem

Plastic drinking straws are a nuisance. That’s a strong stance to take I’m sure. We all love those bendy straws we used to drink out of when we were kids. We couldn’t imagine drinking an Arnold Palmer without a colorful straw. Straws make it easy for us to drink our favorite drinks on the go? What about your morning coffee? What would your coffee be like if you didn’t have a plastic stirrer/straw? So the problem with straws is this. There’s too many of them, they’re made of plastic, and people treat them like gum and cigarette butts.

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Bamboo Soundproofing to Reduce Traffic Noise

By Bamboo Grove on April 26, 2018

falseBamboo Soundproofing to Reduce Traffic Noise

Traffic is an integral part of American life. Often times we are most concerned about it when we are running late and it’s not moving. Or we worry about the emissions we’re putting in the air. An often overlooked byproduct of traffic and large roadways is noise pollution.

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Strength From Beauty

Few plants offer the strength and beauty that bamboo does. It is truly a plant of emmaculate design.

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