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The Impressive Benefits of Bamboo Briquettes

By Bamboo Grove on April 29, 2022

In a valiant attempt to fight the ever-changing effects of climate change in their country, the citizens of Uganda have changed course by beginning to grow and cultivate fields of bamboo.

Located in eastern Africa, Uganda is a country that is 90% dependent on charcoal and firewood to sustain their everyday lives, however, local farmers are now reworking their plantations to produce raw bamboo in order to reduce their usage of fuel woods. With the assistance of Divine Nabaweesi, the creator and chief executive officer of Divine Bamboo, these individuals have discovered an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to their reliance on the aforementioned materials in the form of bamboo briquettes.

Although fuel woods are not necessarily bad for the environment, they certainly contribute to the devastating damage of deforestation which definitely has a negative impact on Uganda’s fragile ecological system. “It is not enough to just tell people don`t cut down trees. People still need a livelihood, they still need to eat, they need to earn an income, so if we can give them an alternative in the form of bamboo which grows fast, in three years they would be harvesting,” said Nabaweesi.

The fantastic and formidable goal of Divine Bamboo is to plant and harvest a few different types of bamboo, including the Bambusa vulgaris species, which is commonly used in multiple other countries around the world. This “open-clump” bamboo plant will then be transformed into environmentally-friendly bamboo briquettes. The long-term goal of Divine Bamboo is that once the transition to bamboo crops in select regions has been completed, the farmers of Uganda will finally see how this single, albeit strenuous, shift to bamboo farming will positively impact the ongoing battle against climate change, while simultaneously benefiting thousands of families financially.

Here at Bamboo Grove, we are dedicated to educating individuals on the benefits of bamboo on a local and global scale. Even the simplest of swaps in our daily routines, like buying bamboo products including toothbrushes, toilet paper, fabrics, and furniture for our households can have a major impact on reducing our carbon footprints and changing our climate for the better.

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