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Bamboo Bras and Eco-Chic

In an industry that is ever hungry for the Next New Trend, fashionistas are embracing environmentally responsible products this fall that are made from renewable resources or packaged in biodegradable containers. In the October 2007 issue, Vogue magazine has published a list of 30 different 'must haves' for the coming season in an effort to help the fashionable get eco-friendly. Samples from Vogue's list include:

The Feed 2 Bag

Designed by model Lauren Bush, (President Bush's niece) the bag is intended to be a carryall and a replacement for the plastic t-shirt bags that litter the landscape. Profits from sales of the bag will go towards providing a meal a day for two children for a year. Ms Bush said: "I hope the bag allows people to do something positive in a bite-sized way. It represents a small solution, one bag at a time." The bag will be available in October and it is expected to retail for around $60.

PlantLove Botanical Lipsticks from Cargo

Celebrity-designed shades of lipstick packaged in a biodegradable tube made from corn. These lipsticks come in a flower paper box embedded with wildflower seeds so if you choose to plant the box in the ground instead of the dumpster, you can expect a bloom of wildflowers in a few weeks. These lipsticks retail for around $24 each.

Sharkah Chakra Jeans

Sharkah Chakra, a new line of designer clothing that is sold under the catchphrase "ethical luxury" has introduced a line of denim jeans that are made from organic, fair-trade cotton dyed with natural indigo, hand-woven on looms in India, and finished with rivets that are made with gold from 'ethical' mining sources. These jeans are expected to retail for around $395.

Chantelle/Ciel Lingerie

These bras and other undergarments are made with organically grown cotton with bamboo fiber underwiring. Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors, prices start around $27 each.

Kitchen Accessories from Bulthaup

Bulthaup offers a wide range of cutting boards, storage boxes, miscellaneous containers, and baskets made from renewable bamboo and wood as well as modular pieces of kitchen furniture and appliances. No prices were available on the Bulthaup website but one can safely assume that they're hideously expensive kitchen accessories.

Charles Hudson Confetti

Charles Hudson has introduced confetti that is made from delphinium, rose petals, and other wildflowers to throw at eco-friendly weddings. These flower petals are handpicked and dried using only fresh air and sunlight to retain color and minimize environmental impact. Pricing for a pint of this confetti starts at $23.

Patagonia Wild Thyme Boots

These boots are touted as an alternative to walking around the house in stocking feet. The soles are made from 70% natural latex and the rest of the boot is fashioned from organically grown cotton. Available in two colors, prices start around $140 a pair.

A cynical soul might think, "Terrific, here's a bunch of stuff that no one really needs but since this target audience is going to spend a ridiculous amount of money in an effort to be hip anyway, it might as well be as 'green' as possible." All cynicism aside, a token effort to be environmentally aware is better than none at all and if it raises awareness about our impact on the planet, so much the better.

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