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Bamboo Athletic Socks - Yoga Stick-e Socks

A new brand of eco-friendly footwear for indoor exercise called Yoga Stick-e Socks is expected to be marketed nationwide in the fall of 2007. These socks feature a unique, patented design to create a barefoot feeling while addressing the need for comfortable and hygienic foot protection while exercising indoors. The socks feature a hole for each toe to extend through so that the toes remain exposed and can provide the grip and feeling that yoga, karate, and other traditionally barefoot sports enthusiasts enjoy.

These socks are manufactured with fabric made from bamboo fiber not only because bamboo fabric is eco-friendly but also because bamboo fabric also features the following desirable characteristics:

  • Bamboo fibers have a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal component called 'bamboo kun' which prevents bacteria from multiplying and retards odor.
  • Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and is very breathable which allows for greater comfort while exercising.
  • Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton and other fabrics and features the same sheen and feel as silk or cashmere.
  • Bamboo fabric is anti-static and has a cooling feel in warm weather and very warm in cooler temperatures.

The socks also feature a non-slip rubberized coating on the soles shaped like a wet footprint which affords maximum comfort while providing grip for the heel, outer arch, and balls of the feet. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes and are designed to appeal to both men and women. They retail for around $15 a pair and can be purchased at the Yoga Stick-e Socks website.

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