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Bamboo Cell Tower

By Bamboo Grove on April 26, 2018

Bamboo has been gaining traction in the field of construction for several years. Whether it’s as a way to reinforce heavy equipment used in construction. Whether it is the resource that is used in the construction itself, bamboo may just be leading the way in a green future of construction. The problem has always been, especially in the west, of adapting the technology vs the established methods. So it’s often the case that other countries are the early adopters and the U.S is the one to follow. This is the case in Bangladesh, where the first ever bamboo cell tower was constructed in the capital city of Dhaka. Construction finished in March of 2017, and it is the first structure of its kind in the world. The project is a possible solution to two of emerging Asia’s largest problems, infrastructure investment and renewable resources.

Malaysian firm edotco and Bangladesh University of Engineering were tasked with building the tower. It took just 12 days to complete, vs the normal build time of nearly a full month. It also used less energy to manufacture than normal cell phone towers.

Bamboo has much to offer the world of construction, as well as the world in general. It has a low carbon footprint because it produces oxygen and captures carbon dioxide. It is also easily harvested, vs mining required for steel structures. The project is set to be a precursor for several other bamboo based structures in Dhaka over the next few years. If the process proves successful, structures will expand to markets in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Edotco hopes that other firms will follow their lead in the bamboo revolution. China, a place that is full of bamboo, created the first truck bridge in 2007, built entirely out of bamboo. Bamboo is readily available throughout Asia and has been a cash crop for several decades.

Bamboo offers lightweight solutions. This means that while the collapse of steel structures may be catastrophic, bamboo structures could prove to be far less dangerous. This also makes it safer for construction workers to work with. All is not perfect though, bamboo is susceptible to termites, mold and adverse climate conditions. Eco-friendly treatments, such as borax coating, can help to eliminate these problems.

These structures also aim to help not just with construction problems, but ecology problems. Emerging countries are looking for ways to reinforce their infrastructures while lowering their emissions. As part of the Paris Agreement, China and India have promised to reduce emissions over the next 15 years. Renewable materials will be a key part of this initiative. There will certainly be skeptics, but for the moment, bamboo construction seems like a key element to growth and advancement in the coming years of this century.

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