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“Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” Initiative

By Bamboo Grove on April 27, 2018

John Hardy is crazy about bamboo. They’re so invested in the tropical grass, that it planted its one-millionth bamboo seedling in Bali, the country that the company was established back in 1975. John Hardy makes artisanal jewelry that is purchased around the globe. They have several offerings for both men and women. Women might enjoy a simple pair of earrings to an elaborate bamboo necklace. Men can get rings or a pair of cufflinks for a night out on the town.

This historic seedling planting corresponds with the 10th anniversary of the company’s “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative. The program calls for one seedling to be planted for each purchase from their bamboo collection. So not only is it a very nice symbolic gesture, it’s as testament to just how popular their product line is.

The seedling was planted by CEO Robert Hanson himself, right outside of the brand’s workshop and design studio. Hanson said in a statement, that with the millionth seedling, they have planted enough to cover New York’s Central Park six times over. That’s a lot of bamboo. If the bamboo initiative continues to be a success, you might see enough to cover it twelve times in another 10 years.

Bamboo offers a purifying effect to water and air in Bali and the company is even gracious enough to give a portion of their seedlings to local families. In addition to the gift of seedlings, the company offers their own personal training sessions in cultivation. The benefits to such deeds is obvious when it comes to personal branding and relationship building with customers. However, it also puts bamboo in the minds of those that are given the seedlings.

Companies like John Hardy see an obvious future in bamboo as a viable product in a consumer marketplace. It hopes to push bamboo into the fashion industry as a product to rival and accent traditional jewelry materials. If the sales numbers have anything to say, it looks like Bali and the entire world could reap the benefits of bamboo jewelry for years to come.

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