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Bamboo and Bees: The Dynamic Duo That Could Save Our Planet

By Bamboo Grove on May 23, 2021

As one of the most important species of insect on the planet, bees play an essential and vital role in the biodiversity of the Earth’s ecosystem. Through their incredible ability to mass pollinate, these curious creatures are crucial to the survival of the entire world’s agricultural system as they are responsible for the cross-fertilization of nearly 75% of our edible food crops.

Sadly, as climate change continues to turn the world upside-down with its devastating effects, bees have been forced to face the challenges of losing their habitats. An alarming issue that Juan David Palacio recognized soon after beginning his environmental work at the Aburra Valley Metropolitan Authority in Columbia. “Globally (bees) are being negatively impacted and they are losing more spaces every day,” he stated. As the home to 550 registered varieties of bees, Columbia consistently strives to maintain its eco-friendly title as the second-most biodiverse country in the world. Enter bamboo and Palacio’s team of crackerjack climate crusaders.

After making the genius correlation between human tourists who need a place to rest after a lengthy day of travel, like an Airbnb for example, Juan David Palacio and additional constructionists with the local authority’s risk management unit started to create tiny bamboo hotels for their buzzy little friends. Knowing the importance of bamboo’s role in our global environment, they decided to combine the best of both worlds in an attempt to keep the overall circle of life in balance.

Crafted with a variety of sizes of bamboo wood, these helpful hideaways provide a safe space for bees to rest and recuperate after a long day of mass pollination, as well as protection from the constant threat of dangerous herbicides and pesticides used around the countryside.

Through its sustainability, strength, and versatility, bamboo continues to combat the ongoing climate change in multiple ways. Manufacturers have recently started to incorporate bamboo products such as home décor, fabrics, and many aspects of architecture, into their latest lineup of items to hit the market in order to keep up with competitors and provide their customers with environmentally-friendly buying options.

Here at Bamboo Grove, we are truly hopeful that this isn’t just one of those fast-fading trends and that consumers will eventually (sooner rather than later ) realize the beautiful, eco-friendly benefits of getting aboard the bamboo bus.

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