Bamboo Building Materials

A hardy, durable product from a renewable resource, bamboo building materials are becoming more and more popular with eco-aware consumers and environmentally responsible designers. Because of other positive attributes and the sustainability of bamboo as a natural resource, it is becoming very common to see bamboo not only as part of a structure, but as the entirety of a number of structures.

Bamboo Structures

There are many examples of structures made completely of bamboo on the Internet, such as on the Bamboo Living website . Of course, these examples are just a few of the types of structures that have been and continue to be made completely out of bamboo. Other examples of structures would be:

These structures are continually built because of not only the aesthetic value of bamboo, but the amazing qualities that it brings to any building.

Bamboo Attributes

The reasons that bamboo is being used so frequently as a building material includes not only the strength of the bamboo but also how it affects the environment. The attributes of bamboo that make it a great building material include:

Building with bamboo seems to be the wave of the future. From consumers passionate about the environment, to designers looking for something hip and elegant, all kinds of people are getting interested in bamboo building materials. This renewable resource is slowly emerging out of ancient texts and becoming the modern ideal for building materials.

Architectural Bamboo